Monthly Meetings



29th January ‘The Mass Observation Archive‘ – David Burnham

26th February ‘The Restoration of the Gardens at Rivington‘ – Elaine Taylor, Garden Historian

26th March ‘The Lancashire Cotton Famine‘: How we survived the American Civil War as told by Sid Calderbank

30th April AGM followed by ‘The History and Renovation of the Gorton Monastery, Manchester‘: as told by a staff member

28th May ‘The Pennines and the Rise of the Factory‘: Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here – Stephen Caunce.

25th June ‘English Village Life in the Middle Ages‘: – Stuart Elliott

30th July ‘Hoghton Tower and the Families who lived there‘: Richard Roberts, Head Guide at Hoghton Tower.

27th August ‘A Mansion, a Family and a Ship‘: The effect on the lives of the founder and the M.D. of the White Star Line after the sinking of the Titanic. – David Hill

24th September ‘Wallpaper at the Whitworth‘: Amy George, Curator (Textiles and Wallpaper)

29th October ‘The Story of Jodrell Bank‘: – Prof. Ian Morison.