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1882 Large Scale Maps of Bolton

These maps were drawn at a scale of 5 feet to one mile and as a result are very detailed. The full set comprises 47 maps and an index sheet and are all on one Compact Disc.

Price: £5.00 each and p&p is £1.20

St Joseph’s School Halliwell

Admission Registers from the 1898 up to the 1950’s and includes a selection of photographs some of which include names

Price: £5.00 (p&p £1.20)

Halliwell Bleachworks

A map drawn in 1889 showing the ‘Water Catchment Area’, an 1823 Plan of the Bleachworks and a selection of Photographs.

Price: £5.00 (p&p £1.20)

Halliwell Datestones

Photographs of Datestones in and around Halliwell together pictures of their location

Price: £5.00 (p&p £1.20)

Halliwell Then and Now

This CD contains over one hundred photographs of old Halliwell taken from our archives together with the present day scene taken as far as possible from the same viewpoint.  A fascinating exercise in showing the development of an urban and rural district over the last one hundred years.

Price: £5.00 plus £1.20 p&p

Old maps of Halliwell

A collection of 48 maps of 31 locations in Halliwell including the estates of the landowners Ainsworths, Eskricks, Crosses, Shiptons, Taylors and others including a map showing the Holy Well

Price: £5.00 each and p&p is £1.20