Barrow Bridge

In 1988 Halliwell Local History Society published a book entitled ‘Barrow Bridge’ written by the late Derek Billington: In 2002 as one in our series of ‘Walk Books’ we published another book with the same title, this time written by Clive Walsh. The difference between the books being that Derek’s book included more information on the history of the area and its formation from prehistoric times including the vegetation and wild life.

Clive’s book on the other hand led one on a walk through Barrow Bridge pointing out features of special interest and some of the history. Both books were very successful and despite a number of reprints are now out of print. Obviously both publications contained a lot of duplicate information so the decision was made to combine the books together. This book is the result. Facts have been updated because some things such as building usage etc. has changed over the years and we have also included a number of new pictures. This has obviously shortened the walk section of the book as it now does not include as much of the history, but contained within the new book is all the information from both the previous books.

The book which has just less than 100 pages is in A5 format.



Author: W. D. Billington & Clive R Walsh
Price: £5.00 (p&p £1.50)

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