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Ten Stories by Bert Jones

Bert Jones was the biggest contributor to the Society magazine The Little Piecer over its thirty year history. Alan Simpson has selected a fine collection of 10 of these gems of Local History from one of the best writers of this genre.

Author: Bert Jones
Price: £5.00 plus £2.00 p.&p.

A Matchsticks Journey

The history of the places and people covered by the journey taken by a matchstick from the tributaries of the Smithills moor along the Dean and Astley Brooks, The Tonge, Croal, Irwell and Mersey rivers to the sea.

Author: Alan Simpson
Price: £9.95 Plus £2.00 p.&p,

Brownlow Fold Schooldays

A teacher’s memories of the school from 1963 to 1970

Author: Alan Rigby
Price: £6.00 (plus £1.50pp)

Darcy Lever Days

Boyhood memories of Darcy Lever from 1942 to 1960

Author: Alan Rigby
Price: £7.00 (plus £1.50pp)

The Holy Well on maps

The charted history of the Halliwell  holywell from 1748 to 1850

Author: Terry Higginson
Price: £1.00 plus £1.50p&p

A Walk Around the “Rothull” Wall

The industrial growth and demise of a Halliwell district told with photographs, maps and archive material relating to Brownlow Fold and Mortfield

Author: Terry Higginson
Price: £1.00 plus £1.50 p.&p.

Bolton Mother and Child Welfare Association

Another interesting publication which follows the progress of the Bolton Mother & Child Welfare Association from its formation in the early 1900’s again until the formation of the Welfare State in the late 1940’s.

Author: Phillip Heyworth.
Price: £1.00 (p&p £1.00)

Bolton Poor Protection Society

An interesting publication which follows the progress of the Bolton Poor Protection Society from its formation in the 1840s until the formation of the Welfare State in the late 1940s.

Author: Phillip Heyworth.
Price: £1.00 (p&p £1.00)

Smithills Hall

In 1991 Halliwell Local History Society published a book written by Derek Billington entitled ˜Smithills Hall’. The book was a great success and sold well but has been out of print for several years now. However we have revised and updated it, the print has been enlarged, errors have been corrected and new pictures have been added, many in colour thus making the book at 230 pages, almost twice as thick as the original edition.

The chapters in the book written by Malcolm Howe regarding the Stained Glass Windows and the Carved Heads in the Withdrawing Room have also been updated and he has added an additional chapter on the Armorial Panels which are also in the Withdrawing Room. Malcolm has also very generously contributed towards the cost of publishing, for which we are very grateful.


Author: W D Billington & Malcolm Howe
Price: £8.00 (p&p £3.00)

The Ainsworths of Halliwell

This book was written by the late Derek Billington more than 20 years ago but had never been published. It is a very well researched book and covers the many branches of the Ainsworths from the 1600’s to the present day and it must have taken Derek many years to complete. We have kept to his original manuscript but it has been updated especially with regard to family members who have passed away since it was written.The book, which has more than 130 pages, includes quite a number of pictures including family members, relevant places and also family trees. We are certain that you will agree that it is another excellent publication.



Author: W D Billington
Price: £8.00 (p&p £3.00)