Ghost Stories


Several years ago on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon my wife and I were walking along Moss Bank Way. On nearing it’s junction with Smithills Dean Road my wife suddenly stopped and grabbed my hand tight. I asked her what was the matter? She said she had felt something or someone brush against her back. Looking around there was no one else around and no traffic to be seen anywhere. This led me to ask the question ‘could we have been transported back in time for that moment’?

We crossed over the road to the form by the ‘Old House’. Around that time the ‘Old House’ as we called it was on the market at a knockdown price. As reported in the Bolton Evening News at the time the old man who had lived there was a recluse and his only relatives were in Canada. Could it have been his ghost? Needless to say it was another half an hour before my wife stopped shaking.


Before I retired I worked in Atlas Mill No. 7 which was part of Musgrave’s Atlas Mills in Bentinck Street. Before the mill was built Shipton’s Farm stood on this site and the lane to the farm ran down Bentinck Street. If the mill is

entered from Bentinck Street you are on the first floor but due to the slope of the land if you enter from Mornington Road you are at ground level (cellar). One afternoon a member of staff was in the cellar when he got the shock of his life, he ran back upstairs saying he ‘had seen a ghost’. He saw a lady drift up through the floor and disappear into thin air. She was dressed as she would have been at the time when Shipton’s Farm stood on this land.

Did he see a ghost? Whatever it was it took some time before he would venture back into the cellar.


We had been living at our present address in Halliwell Road for about five years when one night my wife heard a pitiful cry coming from the wall behind our bed. It was the sound of a baby crying; this happened a number of times and my wife thought that if she touched the wall and told it to rest, it might go away.

One night after hearing the cry she put her hand on the wall and said ‘go to sleep baby’. She has never heard anything since then.

By Andrew Briggs